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Desks and chairs in the library

Computers, desks, and chairs in the library

Bookshelves, desks, and chairs in the library

Bookshelves, a desk, and four chairs

Bookshelves, desks, chairs, and sofas in the library

Desks, chairs, and other furnitures in the library

A desk, four chairs, and a TV screen in the library

Reading area with desks and chairs in the library

Library Services

Utt library is open from 7:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. weekdays for student use. Students are responsible for materials checked out and are expected to demonstrate appropriate behavior in the library. The library provides students with computers for research; loans textbooks for students to begin their homework during the school day. Additional library services include:

  • Lost and Found - Bins for found clothing or personal items are located outside the library. Unclaimed items are donated to charities several times each year. Lost textbooks are also placed in the library.
  • Textbooks - Textbooks are very expensive. Students will be held accountable for textbooks issued and library books checked out. All basic texts are loaned to the students for their use during the school year. Textbooks are to be kept clean and handled carefully. Tustin Unified Board Policy #5125.4 authorizes the principal to withhold records, transcripts, grades, and diplomas of any student who willfully or purposely does not return district property loaned to him/her. Parents should be aware that they are responsible for textbooks given to their students and will be required to pay for lost or damaged textbooks. Debts for damaged or lost books must be cleared through the school librarian.
  • Binder Reminders - Students are expected to have their binder reminders on them at all times. Write your name in your binder reminder so that if it gets lost, we can get it back to you. If you need to replace it, the cost is $5 and can be paid to the library.
  • Identification Cards - Students will be provided with a Student I.D. card at the beginning of the school year and are expected to carry it to school at all times. Students will need to keep the card for use in the Utt Cafeteria, Library, and to check out blacktop equipment. Replacement I.D. cards are available for purchase at the Library for $5. Don’t lose yours! The replacement I.D. is that of lesser quality than the original free one given to you.
  • IPADS - iPads, protective cases, and charging accessories are issued through the library. We encourage students to pay for iPad insurance as students will be liable for any damage to the iPad. If a student has an issue with an iPad, they need to bring it immediately to the library to receive tech support. We review with our students the importance of taking care of the iPad. Please note that the protective case is not covered by insurance companies and students will be charged for damage to the case. Charging accessories such as cable and charging block are also not covered by insurance.

Course Catalog

Use our library catalog to search for books and resources that the library offers! You can also look up your account and see the books you have out and if you owe any fines. Please check out our online catalog for more information.

Online Resources

  • Britannica: Online resources are great ways to do quick and easy research for every and any project! Britannica offers general overviews of topics and is a better resource than Wikipedia or Google!
  • ABC CLIO: This source requires a username (utt) and password (student) to use. Once you have logged in, this is a great source for in-depth research. Anything you can think of for middle school grades, the information is here!

tech support

Technical support is available in the library. District technical support staff is also on campus multiple times during the week. Please check with office for support hours.